Understanding the Urban Watershed

The Fairmount Water Works designed a place-based, hands-on, minds-in Curriculum for students to engage with their local watershed and water system, in order to grow their understanding of issues and take action for a more equitable and sustainable future they want for themselves.

The Curriculum website was designed to be a shared community for feedback, new resources, examples of student work, instructional successes and challenges.

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4th/5th grade and High School Units are being piloted in 2021-22. Find the feedback form we created after each Learning Experience to share your feedback

Middle School is being implemented in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and GreenFutures. Let us know if you want to join our growing cohort.

For more information or questions, email Ellen.Schultz@phila.gov

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Understanding the Urban Watershed

A High School Curriculum

Water connects us all. This website is an expedition into the Fairmount Water Works’ Understanding the Urban Watershed Curriculum, which offers an integrated approach to learning using Philadelphia’s water story as the context.

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The Curriculum Project

The learning experiences presented here provide a complement of engaging lessons and activities, materials, rubrics and resources designed for the middle school student. With a quick log in option, it also offers formal and informal educators online access to join our Discussion Forum, an online forum for sharing ideas, successes and challenges.

In fall 2014, Fairmount Water Works launched a three year Middle School Teacher Fellowship Program to develop an integrated urban watershed curriculum for grades 6–8, aligned with core standards. This phase of the development and piloting of the curriculum was completed in June 2017. The 3-year project was supported by the William Penn Foundation and the Philadelphia Water Department.

Curriculum Units

The curriculum is made up of 6 units. Each unit is made up of individual Learning Experiences.

Unit 1

Introduction to Environmental Science

Explore how the world works, how we as humans interact with the environment and how we affect each other over time